An original is always an original - or is it?

Artby is an independent art brand offering premium art prints in limited editions. All editions are made at our studio in close collaboration with the artists. Each art piece is marked with a symbol - the iconic Artby eye - which is subtly embossed in the left lower edge, next to the artist’s signature

The Artby eye addresses the artist and the artist’s signature. It assures that the art print is flawless and has premium quality. And it explicitly validates the artwork as an original Artby edition. If an art print doesn’t show the eye symbol, it simply isn’t an original edition from Artby. So yes, an original is always an original

Still, an edition is by definition a series. In that sense all original Artby editions are multiples, originating from some kind of matrix - sometimes physical, sometimes digital. So no, an original is not always or entirely an original

This character of being ’both/and’ (or ’neither/nor’) is disturbing to some. And refreshing to others. As a brand we deeply sympathize with the latter. The world is overloaded with categorical thinking: in this age of polarisation we don’t need clear cut answers, we need a tickling little mess - we need nuances, contradictions, variances and discrepancies