Artby is an independent Scandinavian art brand offering premium art prints in limited editions. Our product line is highly curated, our artists are carefully selected and our printmaking process is designed to guarantee superior quality

We collaborate with some of the most interesting and promising artists in Scandinavia. We represent younger artists in their early career as well as mid/late-career artists who are on the path to a broader market acceptance. Artby proudly feature artists such as Kira Leskinen, Viktor Cole, Malene Mathiasson, Jonas Malmberg, Wenche Crusell and Úlfur Karlsson. When selecting our artists we are supported by a team of internationally established artists, art theorists and creatives - together they constitute an initiated and dedicated advisory board

All original Artby editions are produced and quality assured at the Artby studio in close collaboration with the artists. Our limited editions are always approved by the artist and individually numbered. We care for every detail in the printmaking process and work exclusively with heavyweight, acid-free paper and high density pigments. When treated with love and respect, each art print has a life expectancy of 100 years

Artby is led by Karl Hardell and Sara Hardell Flagge. Apart from sharing a passion for contemporary art, we are interested in juxtaposing heterogeneity with unity: we make room for diversity and strong artistic individuality, we also create a coherent product line with highly selected and thoroughly quality checked editions


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