Meet Artby:s new Art Director

Sara Rutberg is the new Art Director of Artby. 'With this position, we want to take a fresh direction and dive deeper into value driven creativity', says Sara Hardell Flagge, Creative Director, Artby

Sara Rutberg has previously been working with art direction at Acne and Seventy Agency. At Artby she will oversee and develop the creative framework for our print collections and posters. Part of her mission will also be to recognize, nurture and protect artistic edge, which makes her a solid creative partner to our collaborating artists

What have you been up to? In 2015 I graduated from Beckmans College of Design with a bachelor in Visual Communication. Since then I’ve been working as a graphic designer and art director. I started off as freelance, then got hired at brand design agency Seventy Agency. Clients along the way have been Acne, Bolon, Carin Wester, among others

How would you sum up your creative experience? So far, I'm happy to have had the chance to work with high level stuff as well as the nitty gritty of projects. My experience as a creative covers brand concepts, communication platforms, visual identities, book design, fashion film, and exhibition concepts. Now joining Artby, I really look forward to work with something close to heart, as well as being part of a dedicated team

What floats your boat? I like exploring, experimenting and playing together with other people. I like discovering new ways of looking at things, and I like writing. I often find myself trying to create connections between details and a bigger picture, or making sense of abstract matters and invisibilities. I also like being silly

What matters to you? My family and friends, art, arts and crafts, food, meditation, spending time in nature, politics, culture. I am fundamentally value driven - it’s important for me to stay in touch with myself to be able to enjoy and believe in what I do

Fashion style? I’ve got non existing ironing habits, and I have a comfy clothing style. You wouldn’t be surprised to find me out clubbing in my hiking boots

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