The FACE collection

Our FACE collection is radical and conventional at the same time. It focuses on the face and it celebrates the dual power of the portrait - the portrait's capacity to comfort and conserve, but also provoke, disrupt and unsettle

When we made this collection we searched for unexpected icons and worked particularly with the concept of 'new classics'. The collection now features four head turning Scandinavian artists: Swedish artist Viktor Cole, Danish artist Ene Bissenbakker, Icelandic artist Úlfur Karlsson and Swedish artist Petra Borén Supparo

Viktor Cole. Swedish artist, born 1990, active in Umeå. This artistic phenomenon is anything but grey. Even though Viktor Cole is turning heads overseas, he manage to maintain a wonderful and unhurried underdog position. His art is outspoken, naive and expressive. Viktor Cole works with sculptures and large-scale paintings, and often portrays people and figures with absurd features. The artworks in the collection FACE are powerful and bold, and stand out as intense, odd and iconic portraits

Ene Bissenbakker. Danish artist and filmmaker, born 1982, active in Copenhagen. Ene Bissenbakker is part of the progressive emerging art scene in Denmark, and has been represented by galleries in Copenhagen, Barcelona and Berlin. She works with different techniques, yet has a clear preference for paper and large formats. The artworks in the FACE collection are intimate and ambiguous drawings of youth - critically examining the gaze and the question of who gets to look and who gets to be looked at

Úlfur Karlsson. Icelandic artist, born 1988, active in Strasbourg. Úlfur Karlsson works primarily with painting in large format and has a background as an experimental film director. His art is loud, aggressive, impulsive and widely exhibited. Úlfur Karlsson has been represented by galleries and major art fairs in Strasbourg, Vienna, Reykjavik, Miami, Riga, Berlin, Athens and Gothenburg. The artworks in the FACE collection are dominant and extrovert, forming unique and shattered portraits of contemporary life

Petra Borén Supparo. Swedish artist, born 1963, active in Gothenburg and Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe. Petra Borén Supparo works with painting, drawing and sculpture, and is frequently represented by galleries and art institutions in Sweden and in France. Her art is discreetly intense, characterized by an indisputable integrity and a consistent focus on the solitary child. The artworks in the FACE collection are typical for Petra Borén Supparo and her heartbreakingly straightforward and tender style

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