The IN BETWEEN collection

The IN BETWEEN collection is a love declaration to the state of being ’in between´ - to be undecided, undefined, ’both/and’ or ’neither/nor. When making this collection we looked for artists and artworks that defy fixed categories and - in a way -embrace flux, fluidity or transition

The features four top emerging artists: Finnish artist Kira Leskinen, Danish artist Malene Mathiasson, Swedish artist Jonas Silfversten Bergman and Swedish artist Wenche Crusell

Wenche Crusell. Swedish artist, born 1987, active in Berlin. Wenche Crusell has been represented by galleries in Sweden and Germany, in solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions. She works with various visual techniques and media, especially sculpture and installation art. When Wenche Crusell made the artworks for the IN BETWEEN collection, she applied methods from her sculptural work. These pieces are decorative and dynamic, juxtaposing contrasting surfaces and patterns

Malene Mathiasson. Danish artist, born 1983, active in South Zealand. Malene Mathiasson is educated at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She has participated in exhibitions in Denmark and Sweden, and has also been nominated to a Grammy for "Best Recording Package”. Malene Mathiasson’s art is carefully composed and extremely detailed. The artworks in the collection IN BETWEEN oscillate between order and chaos, between coherent compositions and shattered images, between hiding and showing

Kira Leskinen. Finnish artist, born 1987, based in Helsinki. Kira Leskinen is a member of the famous Helsinki School and has exhibited her work in Berlin, Istanbul, Madrid, Vienna, Paris and New York. She works mainly with scanographs, a method where a flatbed scanner is used in order to create images. Her art is characterized by improvisation, vibrant colors and distinct shapes. The artworks in the IN BETWEEN collection are playful abstractions that interpret the dynamics between sound and silence

Jonas Silfversten Bergman. Swedish artist, born 1991, based in Malmö. Jonas Silfversten Bergman is educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. He is awarded the Fredrik Roos Grant and has participated in several exhibitions in Scandinavia. His art has a raw aesthetics, and transformation is generally a central theme in his artistic practice. The artworks in the IN BETWEEN collection are decorative and honest, showing distinct traces of the creative process and the materials used

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