In conversation with the iconic Diane Pernet

This interview is part of a conversation series by Artby: short sparkling talks with flamboyant creatives and high profile fashionistas, sharing their view on the love affair between art and fashion

Iconic Diane Pernet is a former designer, a highly celebrated journalist and a remarkable profile within fashion. She is one of the first fashion bloggers worldwide and a pioneer of fashion film - consistently dressed in black layers, dark glasses and a majestic headpiece

Diane Pernet kindly allocated time to speak with us about art and fashion, acknowledging the difference between the fields as well as addressing the inspirational power of art

Diane Pernet, what is art to you? My answer is rather banal, but for me art is a huge inspiration and takes you somewhere and feeds you

Fashion and art, are they two different things or actually two versions of the same thing? Definitely two different things. One can be creative with fashion but in the end it has to function, art has no real function and can just express an emotion

Do you have a favorite art piece? There are two exhibitions that I recently experienced that inspired me, they both shared a similar approach to texture and the surface: Anselm Kiefer at Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery in Pantin and Anish Kapoor at Kamel Mennour Gallery. At both, I was riveted by the emotion and the technique

More? Visit: A Shaded View of Fashion by Diane PernetPhoto credit: Ruven Afanador