The influential Juan Castillo

For about a year ago we started to collaborate with the internationally renowned artist Juan Castillo. It has been an amazing adventure with plenty of talking, laughing, eating (amazing home cooked food), toasting and printmaking

Juan Castillo is a Swedish/Chilean artist, born 1952, active in Sweden and Chile. He is internationally established, and exhibited worldwide at prestigious venues such as MoMa in New York and Moderna Museet in Stockholm

In the late 1970s Juan Castillo was one of the founding members of the art historically important and deeply influential collective C.A.D.A (Colectivo de Acciones de Arte), which was critically questioning Pinochet. At the time he collaborated with the artist Lotty Rosenfeld, the author Diamela Eltit, the poet Raúl Zurita and the sociologist Fernando Balcells

Today Juan Castillo works with different media, including large scale installation art. His artistic practice is generally linked to social responsibility and social critique. Ultimately, the main theme of his art is the power and the fragility of humanity. Artby  proudly presents four exclusive and rare editions by the artist