Not for everyone

The art market has its deeply excluding dimensions. It can be pricey, high-flown and sometimes even intimidating. Unless you are really wealthy or thoroughly briefed, it might seem risky even to walk into a gallery

As a counteraction, there are some strong democratizing winds blowing in the art world - opening up the market and changing the game for artists, collectors and middle hands. This is a beautiful thing, easy to appreciate. We are ourselves part of the movement, making room for new artists as well as new art buyers and new art collectors

But, opening up the market to new artists and new art buyers is not the same thing as reaching out to all artists or all art buyers. As an art brand we are extremely picky when selecting artists. We are also fully aware that our editions are for some but not for others. At the risk of sounding nauseously pretentious: we are not for everyone

This is a good thing. Obviously there is the daily pressure of cultural conformity, but luckily we are still living in a diverse world with a variance of people and preferences - what is embraced by some is rejected by others, what is essential to some is insignificant to others. There is no 'one size fits all’. Let’s hope for this to never change