Talking about art and fashion with Bea Åkerlund

This interview is part of a conversation series led by Artby’s head curator Sara Hardell Flagge: short sparkling talks with flamboyant creatives and high profile fashionistas, sharing their view on the love affair between art and fashion

Bea Åkerlund is a progressive fashionista and highly influential creative within fashion and pop culture - flamboyant and radical in her work as well as her personal style, which is glamorous, radiant and dark. She is a celebrity stylist with power clients such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Madonna

The fashion queen Bea Åkerlund vividly and concisely talks with us about art and fashion. She highlights an open definition of art, and wipes out the line between art and fashion

Bea, what is art to you? Art to me is whatever your imagination will allow you

Fashion and art, are they two different things or two versions of the same thing? Art and fashion are the same thing, just a different approach on how you express yourself creatively

Favorite art piece, if any? My power to accessories, nothing in particular as I like to rotate my vision with my feelings

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