The LAND collection - anchored in reality but built on dreams

The LAND collection is all about land: borrowed land, transformed land, new land, homeland, and landscape - seen, imagined, visualized, materialized. The collection is a monochrome treasure. Silvery and grayscale, combined with fiery red. It features four compelling contemporary artists, all part of the Scandinavian art scene and all associated with the concept of ‘land’: Swedish artist Jonas Malmberg, Belgian artist Ilan Manouach, Danish/Italian artist Sofie Pihl and Chilean artist Josefina Astorga

The term ’land’ is used for describing a part of the world - land as solid ground, land as a geographic entity, land as a nation. In a way, it is what it is. But of course, in another way it isn’t

Generally land is a concept with heavily political, economical, religious, cultural and social meanings. It is also a concept with strong aesthetic values - in visual art there is a long tradition of evaluating and seeing land from an aesthetic point of view, basically turning ’land’ into ’landscape’

Conceptually ’land’ is closely linked to questions of identity and belonging. Two brutally significant issues in a time of mobility, globalization, exclusion and alienation. As a concept 'land' is also deeply related to fantasy and imagination. In a sense ‘land’ is anchored in reality but built on dreams - ongoing dreams, fulfilled dreams, shattered dreams, broken dreams

When choosing ’land’ as the lead theme for our LAND collection, we wanted to put Artby, our artists and our customers in dialogue with what may be one of the most relevant, infected, messy and wondrous concepts of our time. We also wanted to make room for visually as well conceptually progressive artists, that specifically explore the very idea of ’land’ and ’landscape’

In addition to this, we wanted to curate a collection that matches the reality of the contemporary Scandinavian art scene: the boundaries of this art scene do not mirror national borders. The artists may have a background in one or several other countries, some are living in Scandinavia, some are based in other parts of the world. We simply wanted to embrace this

Collaborating artists:

Josefina Astorga. Chilean artist, born 1984, based in Chile. Josefina Astorga is educated at Arcos Professional Institute, Santiago, where she studied photography. She has been represented by several galleries and venues in Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Germany and Sweden. Her art is primarily photographic and explores nature, geographical space and the complexity of national identity. The editions in the LAND collection were created in the Swedish countryside, capturing and altering slices of a landscape both foreign and familiar. The artworks juxtaposes nightfall with daybreak, and stand out as two majestic and painterly pieces - shaded and luminous at the same time

Jonas Malmberg. Swedish artist, born 1987, based in Malmö. Jonas Malmberg is educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. He is awarded the prestigious Fredrik Roos Grant (2018) and has participated in several exhibitions in Scandinavia. His art - painting and mixed media collage - is generally built from images of nature and animals, offering fictive landscapes with narrative dimensions and shreds of melancholy. The artworks in the LAND collection offers dark and bombastic sceneries, that combine a romantic aura with a distinctively raw and radical feel

Ilan Manouach. Belgian artist, born 1980, based between Athens, Brussels and Helsinki. Ilan Manouach was educated at ESA Saint-Luc (École supérieure des arts) in Brussels and at DAI (Dutch Art Institute) in Arnheim, and he currently holds a PhD researcher position at the Aalto University in Helsinki. He is a conceptual comics artist, and his work has international ramifications. His edition in the LAND collection is inspired by the artist’s project ’Shapereader’, in which he created comics for visually impaired users - a landscape was transformed into a tactile narrative, that now has been revisited and transformed into a two dimensional art piece

Sofie Pihl. Danish/Italian artist, born 1980, based in Copenhagen. Sofie Pihl is educated at the Conservatory of Music in Bologna and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. She has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions and group shows in Copenhagen, Paris, New York and Shanghai, among other places. Her art is focused on the concept of reality - how ’reality’ is perceived, altered, filtered, constructed and deconstructed. The editions in the LAND collection are examining and altering the traditional landscape motif, allowing empty spaces and silent sceneries crash and collide into powerful fields of fiery red

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