Size: 814 x 610 mm


Art is surrounded by heated controversies, myths, prejudices and conflicting arguments - are there any true originals, does the art world need middlemen, is art for everyone, is a good artist a dead artist? The poster statement series follows up on the fights and the fuss


- Size: 814 x 610 mm
- Paper: 100% cellulose, 240 gsm
- Ink: high density pigments


Made in Sweden. Produced and printed at the Artby studio. The studio is designed to guarantee superior performance, combining high precision imaging technology with excellent craft. It is set up by leading printmaking experts and lighting engineers, and is optimized for color calibration, digital test printing and critical print evaluation


We offer two types of frames, our signature frame ACRYLIC (acrylic glass, steel) and the CLASSIC (acrylic glass, aluminium, steel). Both frames are custom made, and made from acrylic with 100% recycling ability - the frames are break resistant, have excellent light transmission and brilliance, provide an UV-protection of 99,7% and have a high surface hardness