Artby collaborates with artists who sympathize with the Artby concept and bring edge to our product line. When selecting the artists we look for a hardline integrity, a sense of creative urgency and a capacity to make a mark over time

The MONO collection is made in collaboration with the Swedish artist Jonas Silfversten Bergman, the Swedish artist Wenche Crusell, the Belgian artist Ilan Manouach, the Chilean artist Josefina Astorga, the Swedish artist Jonas Malmberg and the Swedish artist Therese Johansson

Jonas Silfversten Bergman
Swedish artist, born 1991, based in Malmö. Jonas Silfversten Bergman is educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in several exhibitions in Scandinavia and takes position as a critically praised emerging artist. In 2017 he was awarded the prestigious Fredrik Roos Grant. Jonas Silfversten Bergman’s work is dominated by a raw and forthright aesthetics. His Artby editions are decorative and honest, showing distinct traces of the creative process and the materials used

Wenche Crusell
Swedish artist, born 1987, based in Berlin. Wenche Crusell is educated at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. She has been exhibited in Sweden and Germany, in solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions. Wenche Crusell works with various visual techniques and media, especially sculpture and large scale installation art. When making the Artby editions, the artist applied methods from her sculptural work. Her pieces are decorative and dynamic, with contrasting surfaces and patterns - both pure and dusty

Ilan Manouach
Belgian artist, born 1980, based between Athens, Brussels and Helsinki. Ilan Manouach was educated at ESA Saint-Luc (École supérieure des arts) in Brussels and at DAI (Dutch Art Institute) in Arnheim. He is a internationally established conceptual comics artist, currently holding a PhD researcher position at the Aalto University in Helsinki. Ilan Manouach’s Artby edition is inspired by the artist’s project ’Shapereader’, highly praised by critics and exhibited worldwide

Josefina Astorga
Chilean artist, born 1984, based in Chile. Josefina Astorga is educated at Arcos Professional Institute, Santiago. She has been represented by several galleries and venues in Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Germany and Sweden. Her art is primarily photographic and explores geographical space and the complexity of national identity. Her Artby editions juxtapose nightfall with daybreak, and stand out as painterly pieces - shaded and luminous at the same time

Jonas Malmberg
Swedish artist, born 1987, based in Malmö. Jonas Malmberg is educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. He is awarded the prestigious Fredrik Roos Grant (2018) and has participated in several exhibitions in Scandinavia. Jonas Malmberg's art is generally built from images of nature and animals, offering fictive landscapes with narrative dimensions and shreds of melancholy. His Artby editions presents dark, romantic sceneries with a radical feel

Therese Johansson
Swedish artist, born 1983, based in Stockholm. Therese Johansson is educated at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, and has been exhibited at several venues in Scandinavia - in group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions. She is an emerging artist and a highly interesting outlier. The art of Therese Johansson is simplistic, explicit, fun and fancy - in a candid and punkish way. Her Artby editions reflect her progressive yet plain style