Artby collaborates with artists who sympathize with the Artby concept and bring edge to our product line. When selecting the artists we look for a hardline integrity, a sense of creative urgency and a capacity to make a mark over time

The RUBY collection is a selection of gems - some raw, some polished. The collection is made by Artby in collaboration with the Danish/Italian artist Sofie Pihl, the Swedish artist Jonas Silfversten Bergman and the Swedish artist Wenche Crusell

Sofie Pihl
Danish/Italian artist, born 1980, based in Copenhagen. Sofie Pihl is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. She has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions and group shows in Copenhagen, Paris, New York and Shanghai, among other places. Her art is focused on the concept of reality - how ’reality’ is perceived, filtered, constructed and deconstructed. Her Artby editions are rare gems, allowing empty spaces and silent sceneries crash and collide into powerful fields of fiery red

Jonas Silfversten Bergman
Swedish artist, born 1991, based in Malmö. Jonas Silfversten Bergman is educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in several exhibitions in Scandinavia and takes position as a critically praised emerging artist. In 2017 he was awarded the prestigious Fredrik Roos Grant. Jonas Silfversten Bergman’s work is dominated by a raw and forthright aesthetics. His Artby editions are decorative and honest, showing distinct traces of the creative process and the materials used

Wenche Crusell
Swedish artist, born 1987, based in Berlin. Wenche Crusell is educated at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. She has been exhibited in Sweden and Germany, in solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions. Wenche Crusell works with various visual techniques and media, especially sculpture and large scale installation art. When making the Artby editions, the artist applied methods from her sculptural work. Her pieces are decorative and dynamic, with contrasting surfaces and patterns - both pure and dusty