Artby collaborates with artists who sympathize with the Artby concept and bring edge to our product line. When selecting the artists we look for a hardline integrity, a sense of creative urgency and a capacity to make a mark over time

The SCANOGRAPHY collection cherishes the innovative work of Kira Leskinen. Made by Artby in collaboration with the artist

Kira Leskinen
Finnish artist, born 1987, based in Helsinki. Kira Leskinen is educated at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, and is a member of the excellent Helsinki School. She has exhibited her work in Berlin, Istanbul, Madrid, Vienna, Paris and New York among other places. Kira Leskinen mainly works with scanography, where a flatbed scanner is used in order to create images. Her Artby editions are polished pieces, characterized by innovation, vibrant colors and distinct shapes