Core team:

Karl Hardell, CEO; Sara Hardell Flagge, PhD and CD; Ted Bergner, CSO; Ebba Forsberg, AD and first printmaker; Tom Kennedy, senior designer and production manager. The Artby studio is designed and quality assured by Stefan Ohlsson, senior advisor and printmaking expert

Creative team:

Sara Almgren, photographer; Charlie Nash, design partner BNJ & Co; Michael Bekele, design partner BNJ & Co; Linus Andersson, producer and director Lampray

Advisory board:

Swetlana Heger-Davis, artist and professor of Fine Art; Olav Westphalen, artist and professor of Fine Art; Christoph Draeger, artist and professor of Fine Art; Max Liljefors, professor of Visual Studies and Art History

Board of directors:

Sara Hardell Flagge, Karl Hardell, Petter Hollström, Lars Hardell, Anders Sundström


Sara Hardell Flagge and Karl Hardell