Artby is an expertise-heavy and multidisciplinary company. Our team consists of credentialed professionals within art, design, communication, and business development. Basically, the Artby organisation is shaped by the dogma "know the rules well, so you can break them effectively"

Core team:

Karl Hardell, CEO; Sara Hardell Flagge, CD; Ted Bergner, CSO; Sara Rutberg, AD and first printmaker; Tom Kennedy, senior designer and production manager. The Artby studio is designed and quality assured by Stefan Ohlsson, senior advisor and printmaking expert

Creative team:

Sara Almgren, photographer; Charlie Nash, design partner; Michael Bekele, design partner; Linus Andersson, producer and director Lampray

Advisory board:

Swetlana Heger-Davis, artist and professor of Fine Art; Olav Westphalen, artist and professor of Fine Art; Christoph Draeger, artist and professor of Fine Art; Max Liljefors, professor of Visual Studies and Art History

Board of directors:

Sara Hardell Flagge, Karl Hardell, Petter Hollström, Lars Hardell


Sara Hardell Flagge and Karl Hardell