Selection | When selecting artists, we look for typical ‘cutting edge’ qualities: artistic integrity, unique style and a capacity to make a mark on a global market. Our artists are handpicked by Artby’s chief curator in dialogue with a highly qualified advisory board consisting of internationally renowned art specialists and artists

Curation | Our product line is strictly curated - we take pride in providing our customers with unique and carefully selected editions not offered by other brands or art galleries on the market

Production | Our editions are produced at the Artby printmaking studio in close collaboration with the artists. The printing process is designed to guarantee superior quality - the editions are produced in an acid free environment optimized for colour calibration, printing and print evaluation

Paper and ink | We work exclusively with high density pigments and heavyweight fine art papers on 308 gsm respectively 310 gsm. Our editions have archival quality and a life expectancy of 100 years

Artist’s approval and authenticity | Our limited editions are approved by the artist, numbered and embossed with the Artby eye. The embossed eye confirms that the print is flawless. It also validates the artwork as an original Artby edition. All prints are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity