The brand

Artby is an independent Swedish art brand, established 2018 as a response to the traditionally exclusive and excluding art market. We wanted to embrace the art market’s preference for high quality and originality. We also wanted to open up the market, and make room for new dazzling artists, new hungry art buyers and new picky art collectors

By appropriating methods from the fashion industry, we found a balance between being exclusive and being welcoming: in parallel with fashion companies we combine serial production with solid handicraft, collaborate with carefully selected creatives, control the full production process, and launch curated collections on a vibrant and quality aware lifestyle market

Artby collaborates with up and coming artists as well as mid/late career artists - all part of the thriving Scandinavian art scene. Yearly we release three art collections with premium art prints in limited editions, exclusively sold under the Artby brand. We also offer a few special editions. These are particularly delicate artworks, made for particularly delicate tastes

Artby was founded by Karl Hardell and Sara Hardell Flagge. Apart from sharing a passion for contemporary art, we are interested in juxtaposing heterogeneity with unity: we search for artistic individuality, we also look for a coherent and strictly curated product line - wild and polished at the same time