ARTBY - Scandinavian Art House

Artby was founded 2018 as a response to the traditionally exclusive and excluding art market. We wanted to embrace the selective and qualitative dimensions of the art market, we also wanted to move towards the margins of the market and make room for new artists, new art buyers and new art collectors. By appropriating a logic from fashion we found a balance between being exclusive and inclusive: we built up an independent art brand and turned ourselves into a Scandinavian art house that - in similarity to the fashion houses - collaborates with new talents, controls the full production process, and launches carefully curated collections on a broader and vibrant lifestyle market. Artby’s flagship store and studio is housed within a historical building in central Umeå, in the north of Sweden. The headquarters include head office, showroom, a work space for visiting artists and a studio where the production is held.

Each year we curate three separate art collections with art prints in limited editions, that are exclusively sold under the Artby brand. We also offer a few special editions outside the collections - these editions are particularly delicate artworks, made for particularly delicate tastes. All our artists and artworks are handpicked. The selection process involves our advisory board, with internationally recognized artists, art theorists and creatives.

Artby is led by Karl Hardell and Sara Hardell Flagge. Apart from sharing a passion for contemporary art, we are interested in juxtaposing heterogeneity with unity. We search for diversity and strong artistic individuality, we also look for a coherent product line with unifying collection themes, special signature papers and uniform frames.

All original Artby artworks are produced and quality assured in our studio, in close collaboration with the artist. The artworks are high quality giclée prints made in limited editions, numbered and approved by the artist. Artby work exclusively with high density pigments and acid-free, heavyweight fine art paper that guarantees archival standards. We have two signature papers, one is made from 100% cotton and has a weight of 308 gsm, the other is made from 100% alpha cellulose and has a weight of 310 gsm. When treated with respect, each print has a life expectancy of 100 years.

We care for every detail in the production process. The artworks are color calibrated according to the highest bransch standards, the production is held in an acid free environment with stable humidity and perfectly regulated lighting, and the people working at the Artby studio are passionate perfectionists who handle our art with love and cotton gloves.