Ilan Manouach

Size: 610 x 460 mm

Collaborating artist
Belgian artist, born 1980, based between Athens, Brussels and Helsinki. Ilan Manouach was educated at ESA Saint-Luc (École supérieure des arts) in Brussels and at DAI (Dutch Art Institute) in Arnheim. He is a internationally established conceptual comics artist, currently holding a PhD researcher position at the Aalto University in Helsinki. Ilan Manouach’s Artby edition is inspired by the artist’s project ’Shapereader’, highly praised by critics and exhibited worldwide

The MONO collection celebrates the visual power of black and white. The collection is made by Artby in collaboration with the Swedish artist Jonas Silfversten Bergman, the Swedish artist Wenche Crusell, the Belgian artist Ilan Manouach, the Chilean artist Josefina Astorga, the Swedish artist Jonas Malmberg and the Swedish artist Therese Johansson

- No of prints: 500
- Size: 610 x 460 mm
- Paper: 100% alpha cellulose, 310 gsm, with a strong texture and a velvety surface. The paper is age resistant and acid-/lignin free, featuring striking contrasts and brilliant colours
- Ink: high density pigments that guarantees a radically wide colour gamut, brings clarity to fine detail and delivers solid fills to larger areas of colour
- Additional: the print comes with a booklet with essential info about the Artby brand, the quality of the print and the collaborating artist. An advice on how to take best care of the print is also included
- Authenticity: the print is embossed with the Artby eye, which confirms that the print is flawless and validates the print as an original Artby edition. The item has a serial number and is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity